Dr. Howard Marans: Changing The Way You Receive Orthopedic Care

Dr. Howard Marans: Changing The Way You Receive Orthopedic Care

If there’s one thing that separates Dr. Howard Marans from other surgeons, it’ll be his progressive care with compassion. His astounding capabilities combined with modern technology makes his name widely known throughout the orthopedic scene in Southern California.

Orthopedic care is a field in medicine that focuses on determining, treating, and preventing conditions involving the musculoskeletal system, such as musculoskeletal trauma, congenital disorders, degenerative diseases, infections, and sports injuries. These could be treated by Dr. Howard Marans through surgical and nonsurgical means.

Musculoskeletal system – probably one of the most amazing systems in the human body. If something goes wrong within the system, your range of motion or ability to move becomes limited. When this occurs, you can head to Dr. Howard Marans for an excellent orthopedic care.

Orthopedic care isn’t only about fractured bones. It also focuses on repairing the tendons and ligaments that connect muscle to bone. In the olden days, open surgery was performed to reattach torn tendons in the joints or heal ligaments. However, minimally invasive surgery is becoming more and more common in hospitals these days.

In particular, better and less invasive arthroscopy was developed during the 1950s that allow doctors to operate people with musculoskeletal issues without exposing their internal organs and systems to harmful pathogens.

Furthermore, orthopedic care doesn’t only treat people with injuries. As mentioned earlier, people that have degenerative diseases or congenital disorders can also seek out orthopedic care.

Years ago, if you’re an athlete and you have a torn anterior cruciate ligament, you’re maybe thinking that everything was over in your career. However, the advances in orthopedic care nowadays will give you a comeback to your glory days in playing the sport you love with a new and stable knee ligament.

The developments in orthopedic care also bring lots of benefits to older people. Probably most of them experienced advanced deterioration of a major point such as the knee or hip, but with the help of Dr. Howard Marans, their entire knee/hip joint was replaced and they now have a life of mobility without pain.

You only have one life to live, so do the things you love. And this is possible if you have a full range of motion and not experiencing any physical pain. But if problems arise in your musculoskeletal system, never hesitate to seek the professional care of Howard Marans MD.